1. No stashes or chests in rocks or under foundations.
  2. No cheating, scripting, bug abuse or exploiting.
  3. Avoid spam, racism, homophobia and other languages in chat.
  4. You may only speak English in chat. We cannot moderate languages we cannot understand.
  5. No walling off huge areas, or claiming monuments. Quarry monuments are excluded in this rule.
  6. No more than 3 Layers of High External walls around a base
  7. No pretending to be a member of the Administration or staff.

No Griefing (PureSurvival x3)

  2. No obstructing a player from their own base.
  3. No changing or adding locks on other players bases
  4. No blocking tool cupboards in players bases.
  5. No destroying unnecessary objects. eg (Unlocked Chests/Furnaces/Repair Bench.
  6. No taking over another players base.

PureSurvival x3

Clan limit is 8. No exceptions will be made for this rule. Clan limit is the same for clans who are allied with others. 8 is the limit. No more.


Side Note: More rules can be found on the servers by doing /info. 

If you've been muted, do not spam Admins or Chat Mods asking to be unmuted. This will only result in further discipline action. Remember that items will not be given by Admins on the servers, so do not ask.