Community Update 155

Community Update 155

Superb art, musical chairs with cars, Ser Winter’s 100th episode, and more.10 October 2017


The header this week slurped off of Brullan’s digital paint brush. He’s dabbed some fine pixels, managing that difficult feat of painting an image where you can feel the movement, as if it were a frame clipped from a movie. He even had more than one contender for the header.

Here’s a neat bonus: a recording of Brullan putting the bear image together.

Great work, Brullan!

Ser Winter Hits 100!

‘100 what?’, you’re probably asking? If it’s the 100th baby he’s hit, then we probably wouldn’t be celebrating. Thankfully, Ser Winter isn’t into infanticide, so what we’re celebrating is his 100th Rust episode, which is a mighty milestone indeed. So mighty that it couldn’t be contained in a regular episode, and Ser Winter knocked out a 55 minute long GoT inspired work of art. He even bagged a narrator. There’s a lot of shaming in this video, and when that doesn’t work they move onto stoning.

I went back and had a look at his first video. The difference is amazing.

Naked Olympics

PepperTheRed set up a Rust Olympics. Usually when we see sporting events in Rust, the games are all bespoke and incredibly deadly, but this is a straight up recreation of normal sporting events: hurdles, basketball, shooting, and more. I’m amazed how well it all worked, though a lot of that has to do with the commentary.

If you really liked that, the whole 8 hour stream is here. Great job, PTR.

Welyn Solo

Welyn shows how vending machines can quickly get you up to speed as a solo player.

You need to be good, obviously. Speaking of being good…


Musical Car Chairs…

Banana Duck and Shadowfrax seem to have taken to the new cars, using them as large, metallic pawns in various games. This time they’ve made a game of musical chairs where everything goes very wrong, lots of cars crash, and there’s some shooting.

I feel the ironic ‘reeeeee’ is worse than the regular ‘reeeeee’.

Xtab’s Skin Picks

It’s that day of the week, where the envelope slides underneath my door and I’m given instructions. I set-up a camera to catch the person that provides me with Xtab’s Skin Picks every week, but so far all it’s discovered is two suspicious looking squirrels and a Bigfoot. Anyway, here’s his favourite skins from the Steam Workshop. Xtab’s picks, that is. Not Bigfoot’s.

While we’re at it, ‘Bigfoot’ is a hilarious name.

And Finally…

Ostrix provided a superb documentary on nakeds. There’s a lot of insight in this.


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